Recommended Establishments To Eat, Drink and Socialise In While Staying In Dingle Town.

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

Yes the Dingle Peninsula is world famous for its beauty but behind every great town is great establishments to eat, drink and socialise in. Focusing on local cafes, lunch venues and great bar food we breakdown the recommended venues to check out during your stay in Dingle town.


Bean In Dingle

Key Information

Social Media: @beanindingle

Speciality: Coffee & Roaster

Location: Green Street

Website: Click here

Pushing Limits Podcast: Click Here

Background story of the business with Shane Finn, Luke and Justin (owners).

After living in Dublin for over two years, the one name that kept coming up in conversation when Dingle was mentioned (which was all the time), outside of how many Fungie's are we on now or Dick Mack's pub was honestly Bean In Dingle. It is amazing how big the brand has grown and it seems to leave a lasting impression on anyone that has made a visit to town.

It all started with Justin's interest in coffee and Luke packing up his office job to pursue the family business further into a fulltime career. They not only have a shop but a roaster located in Dingle town and have a location open in Killarney town now also. Check out the full story on Shane Finn's podcast with the link provided above.

Fun Fact: Bean have an online store on their website where you can purchase their very own coffee and many other varieties of coffee beans which can be shipped internationally.


My Boy Blue

Key Information

Social Media: @myboybluedingle

Speciality: Coffee & Brunch

Location: Holyground, Dingle

Pushing Limits Podcast: Click Here

Background on the business with Shane Finn, Steve and Amy (owners).

Quite new to the Dingle scene but just as impressive is My Boy Blue. Yes they specialise in coffee but just as important is their very contrasting food menu, offering something unique to Dingle town.

The business is run by Steve (Dublin) and Amy (Dingle local) and is another great success story over the last few years. A great place to check out for brunch, lunch or takeaway coffee when you are in Dingle with their avocado dish proving to be a fan favourite.

Fun Fact: My Boy Blue serves 3FE coffee in their establishment which I am sure many people will be familiar with in Ireland.


The Fish Box

Key Information

Social Media: @thefishboxdingle

Speciality: Fish, The Fish Box and local Dick Mack's Brewery pints

Location: Green Street

Website: Click Here

Pushing Limits Podcast: Click Here

Background on the family run business with Shane Finn and Pete (owner).

One of the big success stories in Dingle town over the last three years has been this family run business. The only problem with the venue from a tourist point of view is that it is always busy which is a testament to their top class food, service and hospitality.

As the name suggests, they specialise in fish with their signature dish actually named after the premises. Check out their latest menu online, give them a follow on their Instagram account and be sure to call in when you visit Dingle.

Fun Fact: You can order their food online through their brand new app so if you want to get takeaway food while staying in Dingle this is a great alternative option.


Geaneys Bar

Key Information

Social Media: @geaneysbar

Speciality: Breakfast, Lunch, dinner, pints, cocktails and music (late bar)

Location: Main Street

Website: Click here

As pub grub goes you probably won't find better. Geaney's caters to your every need from breakfast to dinner, cocktails to pints and has a serious whiskey collection also. Live music has and will be once again a big part of the business when COVID-19 passes.

When it comes to the food, my personal favourite choice the last twenty times I have eaten here has been the steak sandwich as I don't think you will find better. A great location for live sport also, especially the GAA given the man behind the bar.

Fun Fact: Geaneys is one of only two late bars in the town and now with the addition of their new smoking area, it is better equipped than ever for tourists all year round.


James Longs

Key Information

Social Media: @jameslongsdingle

Speciality: Breakfast, lunch, dinner, pints and cocktails

Location: Strand Street

Website: Click here

A newcomer to the town of Dingle but a top recommendation straight away. The bar is especially made for a sunny day with outdoor seating just outside the entrance of the pub where you can watch the world go by on the Grafton Street of the south west.

One of the best aspects of the new business is its food with a great variety to choose from along with a fantastic selection of drinks and cocktails available. Check out all the latest options on their social media page with nothing but fantastic feedback on all aspects of the business.

Fun Fact: Cathal (owner) also has another business in relation to bike rentals so if you plan on cycling around Slea Head be sure to check out his website and book today. Website:


The Boatyard

Key Information

Social Media: @boatyard_dingle

Speciality: Lunch & dinner

Location: Strand Street

Website: Click here

Lunchtime on a fine summer's day in Dingle, there is only one place I want to be to enjoy a wild Atlantic seafood platter and a pint bottle of Cronin's cider. Not as well-known as it should be, The Boatyard is one of the premier locations in Dinge to enjoy a meal.

What really sets it apart, especially in the summer months is its outdoor seating area with easily the best vantage point in the town of Dingle harbour. More importantly the food and service are top notch and this establishment is well worth a visit especially during the summer months with any fish dish highly recommended.

Fun Fact: The Boatyard just recently, renovated the whole premises so if you haven't been in a number of years be sure to check out the new setup.


Currans Bar & Global Village

Key Information

Social Media: @currans_dingle

Social Media: @martinbellinglobalvillage

Speciality: Dinner and pints

Location: Main Street

Global Village Website: Click Here

Every cloud has a silver lining and because of the circumstances we find ourselves in at the present moment, a new partnership formed. Bringing one of the most famous bars in Ireland and its neighbouring Michelin star restaurant together sounds like a no brainer especially when you have a courtyard in-between both venues to cater for your every need.

Offering a fantastic menu which can be found on the Global Village page at reasonable prices, it is one to be sure to check out in 2021 once again.

Fun Fact: Johnny (Currans) just recently moved home from Australia after living abroad for 9 years and is the man behind the partnership with Martin from The Global Village.



Key Information

Speciality: Lunch, dinner and pints

Location: Strand Street

A Dingle legend who isn't worried about promoting the business on social media. Danno's is and has been one of the best places in town to enjoy food, drinks and have the craic over the last decade or more. Located back by the marina it is a fantastic location to call into with a lovely seated area outside the bar which is ideal in the summer months, just off the beaten track.

Fun Fact: Danno's is actually named after the main man himself, Danno who you can find behind the bar or in the kitchen always looking after your every need.


John Benny's